Wearables is a word that can make one weary in the sphere of online tech journalism. It’s been a buzzword for at least a year now, and many are predicting 2014 could be its breakout year. Tech you wear isn’t new, but many more people are throwing their hats in the ring with new products, many of which will be on display at CES. The problem: None of those playing in this space have yet demonstrated that they’ve got something most people are willing to add to their existing wardrobe.

At CES, wearables will be featured prominently. Pebble, Kiwi Wearables, MYO, Lumo, Fitbit, Qualcomm, MetaWatch and more will all have booths at the show and likely product news, too. There’s an entire zone dedicated to wrist-borne gadgets, and we’ll no doubt see a slew of face-based devices in the vein of Google Glass, too.

But what I’m looking for…

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