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So how’s everybody doing after the long holiday weekend? Rested? Ready? Well, ready or not, here comes the tech world, right back atcha…

* First of all, here’s the link to the Tech Report Page Two, as well as today’s nifty event notices, hiring notices and awards and certifications news.

* NASA’s next moon shot — a robotic spacecraft tasked with investigating lunar dust and the moon’s thin atmosphere — is set to launch from Virginia Friday.

* And NASA is also planning its next Mars mission to view that planet’s atmosphere.

* Not long after Google delivered its Chrome browser to an unsuspecting world, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer downplayed the significance. Sorry, but wrong again, Steve. as Google celebrates Chrome’s fifth birthday this week, Chrome is now used by nearly as many people as Firefox — 17 and 19 percent respectively — while Microsoft Internet Explorer’s…

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